Hello! I'm Piotr Piasecki

I aspire to influence the discipline of sport and performance psychology from a scientist-practitioner framework. Currently, I conduct research in the Performance Recovery and Optimization (PRO) Center alongside Dr. Edson Filho where I am the lab manager, and teach at Boston University. My research interests lie within the topics of group dynamics and mindfulness for performance optimization and recovery at the individual and group level of analysis. My goal is that the research and applied work facilitate an environment of flourishing where individuals are impacted beyond their performance context.

Performance Psychology Research

My research interests lie within the topics of group dynamics and mindfulness across different performing contexts. This includes the pursuit of scientific inquiry around the topics of leadership, cohesion, team dynamics, contemplative science, and exploring the process of cultivating human flourishing. All these topics I pursue with the purpose of understanding and ultimately applying them. Moreover, my work is examined from a biopsychosocial perspective, which includes the implementation of psychophysiological measurements and examining socio-environmental factors.
To view my research, below is a link to my Research Gate and Google Scholar profiles.

Performance Consultant

I facilitate evidence based services for performance enhancement and mental well-being. My philosophy is to be a support for the performers that I work with and deem be obsolete. Provide scaffolding to rebuild their mental capacity to perform at their highest level. I work alongside them to renovate their mental space so it can be an asset as you move through life. Ultimately, cultivating a sense of flourishing in all areas of life.

Performance Psych Musings

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